Our goal is to help students with learning disabilities and challenges learn and reason more effectively thus, increasing their capacity to learn. A well-developed therapy plan sets this journey toward life-long learning and lasting cognitive change in motion.

      An initial psycho-educational evaluation is required before students enter

                                       educational therapy programs at

                 Fundamentals of Mind, Educational Consulting, LLC.

​This enables the therapist to skillfully tailor his or her sessions to the specific needs of each

student. In addition to the initial tests administered to gain a deeper understanding of each

student’s learning strengths and challenges, annual evaluations are administered to determine

effectiveness of the therapy intervention as well as guide future learning goals.

Testing for educational therapy students includes either a WISC or the Woodcock-Johnson IV

Tests of Cognition AND the Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement and a variety of other

formal and informal tests determined by the individual needs of the student. 

Testing typically requires two sessions, approximately 2 1/2  hours per session. 

All Woodcock-Johnson Testing can be completed through FundaMentals of Mind, Educational Consulting, LLC.  

Length of programs vary depending upon the needs of the individual, but on average, students require between two to three years of intervention,  Programs are developed in sessions that are approximately 30 hour in length.


FundaMentals of Mind, Educational Consulting, LLC

​6 Road End Lane; Richmond, VA 23238

Dependent upon previous testing and Parent Intake Interview FORMAL TESTS may include:

  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children OR Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Ability (IQ)
  • Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement 
  • Bender Visual Motor Gesalt Test or Beery Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration
  • Wide Range Achievement Test  
  • Ekwall Reading Inventory or Roe/Burns Reading Inventory 
  • Goodnough-Harris Drawing Test (Draw-a-Person)​

And the following INFORMAL TESTS:

  • Draw-A-Clock 
  • Alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Days/Months
  • Dictation and Copy 
  • Writing Sample

*All student should have had a recent vision and hearing screening