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Differences in Training

An Educational Therapist has extensive training and experience using intervention strategies specific to learning differences

​A tutor's background does not necessarily include training in learning differences, specific syndromes, assessments, or appropriate interventions. Tutors are generally skilled in a specific subject matter.

Differences in

Services provided

An Educational Therapist ​conducts formal and informal assessments, utilizes specific, and when appropriate alternative teaching strategies.

​A tutor ​typically provides individual assistance with homework of instruction in a specific subject matter.

​While a tutor generally focuses on teaching a specific subject matter, an educational therapist's goal is broader. 

Educational therapists focus not only on remediation, but also on building underlying learning skills to help clients become more self-aware, self-reliant, efficient learners.


Educational Therapy vs. Tutoring

Differences in Goals and strategies

An Educational Therapist ​sets goals and develops an intervention plan that addresses not only academic difficulties, but also psycho-educational and socio-emotional aspect of life-long learning through an eclectic combination of individualized intervention strategies.  Referrals are made to specialist when needed.

​A tutor's frequently focuses on improving grades and commonly uses traditional teaching methods to reach academic goals.