Reading and Writing

Speaking and reading aloud with the Forbrain® microphone and dynamic filter strengthens your auditory perception, energizing and motivating you.With greater clarity of sound reception and more efficient processing, comprehension of the written word is greatly improved. This newfound ease of reading stimulates your brain and motivates you to read more. Increased processing ability also stimulates verbal fluency and written expression.

​​​Verbal or Short-term memory

Repetitive use of your voice exercises and trains your brain. These repetitive exercises tap into areas of the Cochlea, which connect through the auditory pathways to your verbal and short-term memory. When you speak or read aloud using the Forbrain® system, your own voice activates these auditory pathways in your brain enabling you to access memory more easily.


Implementing FOREBRAIN in your educational therapy program will sharpen your senses!

This dynamic filter trains your sensory system to more efficiently integrate sounds with other sensory input resulting in a number of major improvements:

  •  your tone of voice becomes clearer and more distinct
  • the quality of your voice 
  • your ability to listen carefully and communicate. 

These and other changes have a positive impact at work, home, and school. 

Attention and Ability to stay on task

Problems with attention often but not always occur because of difficulties with sound perception. 80% of sensory information comes through the ear, and this determines the brain's overall level of alertness and attention. Through heightened bone conduction and the use of the dynamic filter, Forbrain® enhances sound processing and your attention. This improves your ability to eliminate distractions, a major cause of inefficiency. Sustained attention allows for clearer thinking, greater productivity, and improved memory.​​

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