FundaMentals of Mind, Educational Consulting, LLC creates and administers individualized, brain-informed, intervention programs for students struggling in traditional settings. The primary goal of educational therapy is to foster self-confident, independent learners who understand their learning profiles and can advocate for themselves.

Millions of children and adults with average to superior intelligence struggle in academic settings.  Educational therapy can help these individuals experience greater success and fulfill their learning potential by administering academic assessments, setting goals and teaching strategies to address challenges with reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, organization and study skills. 


FundaMentals of Mind, Educational Consulting, LLC also creates and presents informational programs for educators, pre-school directors, parents, community members, medical professionals and rehabilitation specialists.

Past programs have included:

Your Brain Does Matter: Applying Research to Classroom Practice 

Your Brain…the Basics
The Amazing Developing Brain
Building the Reading Brain
The Adolescent Brain
The Brain and Aging (Alzheimer's)

The Brain and Addiction

Programs are designed to meet organizational needs and to help participants gain a greater understanding of the value of integrating current educational neuroscience, educational therapy techniques and cognition training exercises when working with all learners.  We strive to provide a knowledgeable resource for administrators, curriculum specialists, teachers, parents and community members who want to better understand these techniques and how they apply to the work they do.

FundaMentals of Mind, LLC has been committed to developing minds and a deeper understanding of the ways that neuroscience influences education, business and families since 2009.

Laura Maestrello, M.Ed.

What We do

programs developed and administered by -

Professionally certified EducationaL TherapisT​ Certified Dyslexia Therapist​

A former classroom teacher and cognitive interventionist who uses proven educational techniques to design and facilitate innovative individualized intervention programs for students of all ages by integrating professional training in special education, instructional design, educational neuroscience and cognition training.

Programs are based upon techniques and materials certified by the National Institute for Learning Development, an International Dyslexia Association accredited program. 

FundaMentals of Mind, Educational Consulting, LLC

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